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Seo Small Tools: www Redirect Checker

This tool helps to redirect your website to a proper url. This tool checks whether your website directed over proper url or not. Means your website is directed to www.domainname.com or domainname.com only. It helps to redirect the traffic to your proper version of website from without www to www.domainname.com to www.domainname.com or also opposite also it can do. The method this tool works as it make to redirect website easy. To use this tool is very easy just you have to enter the domain name in the box and proceed. This tool will automatically tell you that your website domain is redirects to www.domainname.com or not. This is a very important SEO tool as it prevents the wrong redirection of a website. If your website redirects well and correctly it will increase users good experiences and also increase the amount of traffic and visitors.