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In general, To count each and every word of your website is not possible and its a very difficult and time taking when if doing manually but on our website we provides you a tool which could count the words within some minutes, Its totally free of cost and is very easy to use and gives very immediate results. 

This Simple Word Counter or calculator, character counter online counts total words or character required for your high rank making process in search result or SEO.

It can count total words as well as characters also. For this to use is you have to copy the required content and then paste it to the given box then hit proceed. its gives instant result within some minutes and provides accurate data. Its very helpful when you have to check the minimum or maximum number of characters or words while working for your high rank making process in search results. Always remember "little is more" in some cases like title keywords etc. Limited numbers of words or character makes it more valuable. While in case of any detailed matter or topic its not possible to define anything in 100 words if it really required 300 words to complete then in that case make it happen. This tool could be use only upto some extent only to check some of the things not everything, so keep in mind that where the limited words required only use this tool in those cases only....Its very simple to use and given good results...