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About Server Status Checker

Seo Small Tools: Server Status Checker

This server status checker maily helps to check the status of server as its name also defines. It check the status of both your websites and your servers also. In given a text box below you can enter about 100 of urls at a time but each url should be in separate lines. And proceed then by clicking check button. This will represents your HTTP codes and also the status of your each websites.

Some of codes that defines what does it menas are as follows: As if result returns as 200 OK then it means that all is going good and server is working fine and returning with searched results. And If the result showing “301 moved permanenetly” then it means that the entered url is permanently moved to a new location and now whenever whatever searched will be displayed to other location.

If the result displayed “302 Found” it means that a temprory redirection is being found by server and the url should be used again.

If it displayed “400 Bad Request” then its means clearly that whatever you searching is not be understood by server. Sever is unable to get your searched terms. Similarly if results displaying “ 401 Unauthorized ” the it means that without authorization the server did not granting access for the the searched result.

Similarly “404 not found” simply means that what you are looking for is not existing on server. This error is mostly comman over various websites for this search engines wants a 404 to identify the valid urls. 410 Gone is similar to 404. It lets you know that the URL you were looking for did exist, but is gone. And last but not the least “500 internal server error” simply representing that your server is not working properly there is something which is not fine on server and there is a need to check the server properly