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  • Word counter

Besides counting the words and characters manually we have developed a tool where we count words within seconds either of how many ranges of words are. You can see the number of words or characters increase and decrease as you type and edit them. We are here to help you not only just to count the words but also to detect grammatical errors and plagiarism in which you can check either your content is fake or uniquely write.

  • How to check count words?

What you have to do is simply place the cursor into the content from where you have to count the words and drag your cursor up to the point from where you have to make ends. You can also do copy-paste from where you want, then insert it into the word counter tool within seconds you will found the results.

  • Importance:

Word count of content is the most important step in a blog. For instance, an author has to write the number of words for a report, story, book, essay, or article, you can also minimize or maximize the words according to your will. It will also let you know the limit as per specific requirements. Moreover, the word counter shows you the density of articles from keywords and allows you to show which keyword rank at which percentages. In this way, you can use the best combination of keywords in your writing. This tool is beneficial for the bloggers and article writers to check the word count and word count density anytime you want, it will save a lot of time along with the guaranteed work.

  • Which improvements do you make by using this tool?

You can also make improvements in your writing style through our online editor along with that you can also go for grammatical errors and many other tools. Moreover, you can enjoy the autosave feature which makes you sure that you won't lose any changes. Basically, word count is like an influencer who enhances your work outcome whether it's an assignment or for publicity so you will do an admirable publication.

Word counter because of their vigorous features of counting words or characters, sentences or paragraphs, and even pages along with the grammar and spelling checking. This tool is specifically designed for digital marketers as it's important to know the exact number of words in a document, to track the length of the text, and to analyze the typing speed of the user.

In general, To count each and every word of your website is not possible and its a very difficult and time taking when if doing manually but on our website we provides you a tool which could count the words within some minutes, Its totally free of cost and is very easy to use and gives very immediate results. 

This Simple Word Counter or calculator, character counter online counts total words or character required for your high rank making process in search result or SEO.

It can count total words as well as characters also. For this to use is you have to copy the required content and then paste it to the given box then hit proceed. its gives instant result within some minutes and provides accurate data. Its very helpful when you have to check the minimum or maximum number of characters or words while working for your high rank making process in search results. Always remember "little is more" in some cases like title keywords etc. Limited numbers of words or character makes it more valuable. While in case of any detailed matter or topic its not possible to define anything in 100 words if it really required 300 words to complete then in that case make it happen. This tool could be use only upto some extent only to check some of the things not everything, so keep in mind that where the limited words required only use this tool in those cases only....Its very simple to use and given good results...

  1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is basically copying others' work by your own name or stealing another person's ideas, which involves the work intentionally. Students make documents and record all the sources to avoid plagiarism you can also put citations in documents to avoid plagiarism. It provides helps to avoid disputes, manipulation, plagiarism, priority conflicts, and lying about it afterward. People think copying another's work or ideas can disguise the seriousness and fraud. Copying or borrowing someone's words or ideas without giving credit.  Citation sources can avoid plagiarism so you can change the words or change the structure of sentences and providing your audience with the necessary information which is enough to prevent plagiarism.

  • Misconduct of ideas

Information technology has made websites that can catch plagiarism, but when a person fails to cite your sources you commit plagiarism which is misconduct at an extreme level. Not understanding plagiarism can also be accidental and intentional. If the content is duplicated from more than one source, this is patchwork plagiarism.

Unique ideas either in a form of theory, an opinion, data with new terminology are the best source to prevent your data from plagiarism. Editing someone else works with only slight changes is loose paraphrasing.  Sometimes recycling the paragraph from a manuscript on a larger scale for publication. Such an unethical use of words without proper acknowledgment results in highly negative consequences and loss of reputation. Mainly non-English speakers face these negative consequences because not communicating well results in copy-paste information. So the best way to check the document is either be plagiarism-free or not visit the seosmalltools, there you go with fine results to detect plagiarism.

  • Guidelines to prevent your data from plagiarism

Such are the ways and guidelines to prevent your data from plagiarism are:

         Paraphrase your content by not copy-paste your document

         Understand the idea by a citation sources

         Use references, cited the material by yourself to detect plagiarism

         Indication of quotes by text

         The records should be maintained from references

         Use plagiarism checker