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About Online Ping Website Tool

Seo Small Tools: Free Online Ping Website Tool

To check whether the operating system is working or not and internet connections are working or not we use to ping.

The one thing you have to do is to enter your domain url to a new post in a blog and then select the option to select the type of blog and proceed by hitting "ping". Now you have not to wait for google to identify your changes on website. The post which you have done on blogs will help you to improve your rank and value of website. Only one thing you have to do is to update your contents daily and make them as much fresh as possible which is sufficient for your website ranking. Just after whenever you post anything new on blogs you should have to use this tool in order to make search engine notifiable about your latest post.

To enter the latest post link on this tool is much more useful than entering your main domain url. then after entering the url properly just you have to select the correct category and hit enter to process, rest will this tool will do automatically.