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This Link Price Calculator tool determines the approx value of cost per month for any text links that should be charged if you want to advertise your websites on others. This tool is very helpful in seo in link building without any expertise knowledge or skills required. How much should be paid for a link when advertise can be esily determined by this tool. For this in the given text box just have to enter the website url and see the result after proceeding.

A price of a link is depends upon the amount of traffic, ranks in alexa, number of its backlinks etc. These are someof the factors that decide the price of a link.

 The link price checker plays a important role in SEO which can be able to define the exact value of a link. Just enter the url in the given box and proceed. It will give you the price of that link, This tool only cannot be use for price determination, other factors should also be kept in mind while doing this.