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SeoSmallTools : Blacklist Lookup

This tool helps you determine whether your website is connected to any anti spam databse or if your website ip address is being listed there. This tool helps in finding out that any unique ip address of any specific website not got banned for specific database. To use this tool is very simple as only you have to enter your website url to see its blacklisted or not and then just hit to that button and watch the result appeared.

 This tool we were providing online without any cost incurred which helps to see the status of any website ip address and its database. This could be easily used directly online there is no need of downloading it .

For your own website it is very much better to check timely your website status for various databases as if any website not including spams but yet its listed in blocked this will completely lowered your website reputation and ranking. If the website listed want to be removed then first of all there is  need to check about which database is the website is blocked for and then make the required and necessary changes into that. In short if one wants to check its website indulging in blacklisting or not just make use of this blacklist lookup.