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Seo small tools :Free Backlink Checker

Each backlink is very much useful.

This tool helps you to know about the number of backlinks are connected to your website. It also give many other additional informations.

Your website page rank in Google depends mainly upon the backlinks you have overall. All the inbound links of your website is very valuable and as the number of backlinks increases your ranking also will improve. Google and other all search engines prefer the quality and also quantity of contents of a website so its important to maintain the quality and quantity of your contents on websites. There are many website owner who try to increase their website links by purchasing the links which is very cheap to adopt. Always remember Google prefer original links. Its creates loss in place of profit totally the affect reversed. The condition of having less number of good quality backlinks is very much better than having a lots of purchased cheap quality backlinks. This tool helps you to get quality of your backlinks If there you feel the need of links to build then you can use this tool.