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Privacy Policy - SEO Small Tools

05/24/2020 12:00 AM

Our Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of SEO Small Tools is basically a legal document that tells how the website, uses customer and visitor data. You get to know if the data would be kept confidential or shared with third parties or to whom it would be disclosed. The personal data shared with SEO Small Tools could be the name, email, and mobile number, address, age, gender, country, religion, or marital status. The SEO Small Tools privacy policy clearly states that you have voluntarily given photos, names, email addresses, and other sought after information popularly known as personal or private information. The personal data is used strictly within legal limits and is accessible, anytime on the SEO Small Tools website.

Why consent in the SEO Small Tools privacy policy?

Data is crucial for the products and services of a website and also for the upper management right to the executive level. It's critical for the owners to protect the data and hence a privacy policy. The SEO Small Tools privacy protection revolves around the word, Consent. This is why you have data protection laws to protect personal data and it can be collected only with your express consent. By asking for consent, SEO Small Tools seeks a higher degree of legal protection. Consent must be freely given, unambiguous, and shows a willingness to process personal information.

What information does SEO Small Tools collect?

When you sign up, certain information is voluntarily given. This could be your name, email address, mobile number, comments, photos, location data, gender, or nationality. If you make a purchase on SEO Small Tools, we collect contact information which could be the address and also delivery and payment information. SEO Small Tools may also access information on our social media profiles which include followers, likes, shares, and other-regarding to the tool. We also get an idea of how much data is being accessed.

How SEO Small Tools use your information?

When you access the SEO Small Tools website, the date and time of access, browser type and version, the operating system, the URL of the website you have visited just before accessing us, the amount of data sent, the requesting domain, the search terms you have used when accessing the browser, your IP address and text entered in the word counter text form. The data SEO Small Tools collects is purely technical and is used for error analysis, to improve services and data security. When you use the SEO Small Tools word counter, all texts you check are transferred to the SEO Small Tools servers. We use this information to display the relevant search/check and to offer the service.

Cookies: Websites use cookies to track your website activities. The cookie serves as an identification card and serves to use cookies to offer personalized web pages. SEO Small Tools uses cookies solely to enhance user experience and to offer a wide range of functionalities. If you are not comfortable with cookies, deactivate the cookie storage by changing the browser settings.

Why does SEO Small Tools use cookies?

Simply to store the preferred languages and custom settings. SEO Small Tools also stores word counter login information and recent text. If you accidentally exit the website, modifications and text are not lost. However, SEO Small Tools cannot guarantee that your text and modifications would still be there as you could have deleted the cookies. The main aim of the cookies is to make browsing fast, easy, and enhance user experience. SEO Small Tools doesn’t store your password in the cookies. It understands this is poor security and anyone with access to your laptop could use these passwords. SEO Small Tools informs you of the tools used to collect and track online behavior which also includes cookies. You are free to deactivate them if they hinder your privacy.

Log Files: Log files are created automatically and store records of events from your application. It helps the system administrator determine the websites you have accessed and to whom you send/receive emails and so on. The log file information collected by SEO Small Tools is kept private and will not be shared with third parties. When you visit SEO Small Tools certain information is collected and stored in the logfile to enhance services. This data is used to administer the website, track visitor movements, and gather demographic data. SEO Small Tools does not link the automatically-collected data to you or other website visitors.

Advertising partners privacy policies:

SEO Small Tools respects and protects the privacy of users who visit the website. If you offer information and state not to use our services, your privacy is respected and information handles as such. Any data collected is strictly on a voluntary basis. The information SEO Small Tools collects like an email ID is to send information and notices on our services. You have the option not to receive marketing messages. SEO Small Tools doesn’t store any personal data except for billing of the services. Any personal information collected will not be combined with aggregate information. Third parties cannot use your personal information except to provide the relevant services. Aggregate information is completely anonymous and cannot be traced to the user. SEO Small Tools does not track you after leaving the website. You can get personal data deleted by emailing our support team.

SEO Small Tools does not directly deliver services towards those below 16 years and won’t collect information from such individuals. SEO Small Tools has appropriate contracts with vendors and other third parties and won’t share personal information except to execute the relevant services. Moreover, third parties will sign a contract that such information will only be used for relevant purposes. Third-party sites may have social media features to track your IP address, but these interactions are governed by the privacy policy. You are free to disclose objections to using personal information.

SEO Small Tools gives you the opportunity to earn passive income by referring new users to our affiliate sites. If a new user signs up, you have the opportunity to earn a percentage of the first purchase. SEO Small Tools reserves the right to not allow you to use the affiliate program if its in breach of terms and conditions.

Third-party privacy policies:

Third-party sites like email newsletter services have their own privacy policies. This privacy policy must offer information on the online tracking policy. SEO Small Tools may get personal data from third party sites. This information will not be used without your express consent. SEO Small Tools will process your information only on direct contact and an expression of interest in our services. Data is shared with third parties only in the way specified and described in the privacy policy. The entire process is automated so that information is processed only in the specified manner. SEO Small Tools offers rights to personal information held and also disclosed to any third party. You are free to ask that data be deleted on not being comfortable with a third party.

- We use third-party services such as Google Analytics, OneSignal Push notification to identify visitor's performance and use accordingly.

- We also use the Envato Affiliate network on our website to earn commission and sustain our website revenue model.

CCPA Privacy Rights (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

SEO Small Tools informs on how to handle personal data and the choices you have on supplemental privacy and how to update and correct personal information. SEO Small Tools shares personal information with vendors and service providers only with your permission. If there is any breach of information, you are notified immediately through an email on the contact us page or a notice on the SEO Small Tools website. The website is scanned to detect any breach and vulnerabilities to keep data safe. Personal information is stored behind secured networks and can only be accessed by personnel with special rights. SEO Small Tools processes transactions through a gateway provider and would not be stored on the servers. SEO Small Tools never sells, trades or transfers personal information to any third party and rest assured the data is safe. Do note that non-personally identifiable data may be offered to third parties for marketing and advertisements. SEO Small Tools does not permit third-party behavioral tracking.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

SEO Small Tools understands your right to be informed, the right of access, the right to rectification, erasure, data portability, and rights vis-a-vis automated decision making. Sensitive personal information like religious beliefs or sexual orientation comes under a special category of information. According to rules any company which processes private data on EU citizens must comply with GDPR even if it doesn’t operate in the EU. SEO Small Tools complies with GDPR as any negativity can seriously impair the website pages. SEO Small Tools also offers the right to object which is you say no to personal data processing. SEO Small Tools also has data protection officers to advise on data regarding health, religious beliefs, race, or ethnic origin which is considered sensitive data and sees that necessary compliances are followed. We also explain in a clear and precise way how personal data is used. SEO Small Tools complies with GDPR laws that require any data breaches or hacking to be reported, especially if it infringes on personal data. This will be a one-to-one communication if you are an affected party. SEO Small Tools also follow pseudonymization which is encrypting personal data and storing the encryption key separately. This keeps personal data anonymous with zero risks of re-identification. SEO Small Tools collects only personal data which is absolutely necessary and this is privacy by design and default.

Children’s Information:

SEO Small Tools considers anyone under 18 years to be a child and terms and conditions are explained in a clear plain language. SEO Small Tools offers special protection of children’s personal data and makes sure the person providing consent is a parental figure, otherwise data processing/collection will not happen. SEO Small Tools does realize that children need special protection when it comes to advertisements. SEO Small Tools also makes sure that whoever gives consent on behalf of a child holds parental authority. SEO Small Tools make sure children are aware of their rights, safeguards, and consequences while processing personal data. If a child signs online, he/she is required to give the parents an email ID and a message is sent. SEO Small Tools then offers a reasonable method for parents to protect the confidentiality of children’s data and maintain its security against unauthorized use and access.

For more information on our privacy practices, complaints, and queries. Please click on the 'Contact US' on the top of the page or by clicking the link below.